Peru Ayahuasca Retreats

This journey has been curated as an invitation to experience growth, healing, connection and transformation in one of the most fascinating and beautiful countries on the planet. Peru offers so many landscapes and traditions, and there is unique wisdom that permeates through the people and plants.

Our 10 & 18-day adventures begin in the Amazon jungle to sit in 5 ceremonies with the sacred and revered plant medicine, Ayahuasca. In this intimate group setting, we cultivate belonging and a safe space for the exploration of our internal worlds, while being supported by Shamans and facilitators at an off-the-grid retreat center.

The healing that is possible in one week of sitting with Ayahuasca is truly transformational and has profound effects on each person that is often beyond words or description. The intelligence of this medicine operates in a manner that allows for a deep letting go of trauma or mental cloudiness that is not serving us. It provides guidance and clarity with the greatest questions we are pondering. Ayahuasca is a magical experience that provides cleansing, and an internal blossoming for our authentic selves to emerge.

In this process, you are supported by brilliant, compassionate, and heart-centered group leaders, who have had transformational experiences sitting with the medicine, and the growth they have experienced is now a gift they wish to share.

We will offer 2 options, with a 10 and 18-day trip option. They are the same group, but for those people who have the time, we will carry on for a 8-day integration experience with our group.