Shamans & Doctors

Shamans & Doctors: Guiding Your Journey

At Inward Travel, our retreats are guided by a unique blend of traditional shamans and medical professionals. Their collective expertise provides a supportive and safe environment for you to explore the transformative power of plant medicine.

Our Shamans: Keepers of Ancient Wisdom

Our shamans are deeply rooted in the traditions and cultures from which our plant medicines originate. They've spent years, often decades, learning and practicing the ceremonial use of Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, Peyote, and Ketamine.

Selected for their wisdom, authenticity, and commitment to the healing process, our shamans guide you through your journey with compassion and respect. They honor the rituals and traditions associated with each plant medicine, ensuring you experience these ancient practices in their most authentic form.

Our Doctors: Bridging Ancient Practices and Modern Medicine

Our team of medical professionals brings a critical element of safety and reassurance to your journey. They are there to monitor your physical well-being throughout your experience, providing you with the peace of mind to fully embrace your journey.

Having a deep understanding and respect for plant medicine, our doctors work closely with the shamans to ensure a seamless integration of ancient practices and modern medical protocols. Their presence underscores our commitment to safety and comfort, ensuring that you are well cared for during your retreat.

A Balanced Approach

The harmonious collaboration of our shamans and doctors is what sets Inward Travel apart. This unique balance allows you to explore plant medicine within the rich tapestry of traditional ceremonies while ensuring your safety and comfort with medical supervision. This blend of the spiritual and the scientific, the ancient and the modern, the mystical and the medical, creates a truly comprehensive and transformative experience.


Eugenia Casimiro

Doña Eugenia Casimiro is a Mazateca healer from Huautla de Jiménez, Mexico, a little town in the region of Oaxaca brought to fame by María Sabina and her work with Los Niños Santos, or “the holy children.” Trained in her ancestral lineage by her mother, Abuela Julieta Pineda Casimiro of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, Eugenia worked by her side since childhood, and accompanied her through all of her world travels. Eugenia inherited this altar to carry on the family legacy upon her mother’s passing in 2018.


José Huanaquiri

Jose is an Ayahuasquero from a mestizo community, carrying on the legacy of Ayahuasca healing from his uncles and grandfather, all respected Shipibo healers. For over twenty years, he's integrated traditional Shipibo icaros with his love for music, creating a unique soundscape that enhances the spiritual journey during Ayahuasca ceremonies.
His upbringing near Pucallpa ingrained him in a deep appreciation for Ayahuasca's healing potential. Today, he channels this wisdom into transformative experiences for those seeking spiritual healing. As an Ayahuasquero, his purpose extends beyond profession; it's his legacy and passion. he invites you to join us on this journey, trust in the healing power of Ayahuasca, and discover your full potential.


Valerie Fortin

Unusual in her experience, Valerie is a perfect guide for this unusual experience. Originally a trained actor, Valérie left performing arts to dive deep into a 10 year haphazard mix of witchcraft: herbal medicine, astrology, zen, ayahuasca, whirling, moon dance, and finally childhood deconditioning. This unique combination of training helped her to hone her skills as a facilitator to the other side.  Valie conjures deep introspection and promotes substantial personal growth with her clients. Alongside Dr. Brandeis she holds space while you’re calmly guided through an intimate ketamine journey. Embarking on this path with Valerie means entering a fun space of professionalism, personal growth and empowerment.

Dr. Andrew Brandeis

Dr. Andrew Brandeis, ND is a US licensed physician with a background in urgent care, integrative medicine, and complex chronic illness. Andrew had a thirst to explore the inner and outer worlds since he was old enough to do so. His path led through psychedelics, zen and yoga to arrive as CEO of a company that practices conscious leadership. He offers ketamine assisted psychotherapy as a way to weave his unique experience and passion into his practice of medicine.