Here at Inward Travel our intention is to create a community of curious, compassionate, and adventurous souls coming together to grow and explore our beautiful planet. The feedback we receive from group members is the compass we use in strengthening this community and we love hearing that our new friends not only enjoyed their time, but experienced real change and evolution in their own lives. Read on to see what some Inward Travel travelers had to say about their experience abroad with us!

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Peru with Inward Travel was an incredible and life changing experience. I did the 18 day option which allowed plenty of time to see lots of Peru, participate in ceremony and integrate afterwards. Our group leaders were kind, caring, helpful and knowledgeable, the shamans were absolutely incredible at holding space and conducting sacred ceremonies, and the connections we made within the group were so authentic and meaningful. Peru is a beautiful country, and choosing to travel with Inward Travel made it so much more meaningful. The realizations and transformations I experienced within the jungle I carry with me every day. I’m grateful for this experience and highly recommend booking to anyone who’s considering.

Caroline - Peru

Words can’t describe how grateful I am for this trip to the Amazon lead by Inward Travel. I did the 9 day Ayahuasca trip in November 2023 and it surpassed my expectations. I’ve been dreaming of doing a trip like this for over a decade and finally found the right opportunity to say yes to, it feels the timing was just perfect.

The people leading the trip were absolutely wonderful - Curtis and Cheyenne are very devoted to the plant medicine path. They poured their hearts in making sure that we were prepared for the trip and for the ceremonies, they were supportive and attentive during the retreat and they continued the care after the trip as well by offering integration circles and any other assistance we may need with the transition. Not to mention, they made the whole experience FUN - it was soo much fun to travel with these two and the rest of the group.. never a dull moment!!

The healers and the other people working at the center have pure hearts of gold. So much humility, reverence and care. I’m really mindful of who I sit with in ceremony and I got a recommendation from a good friend about the healers at this specific center. In this way, I knew I was in really good hands and this is exactly what my experience was.

I felt fully safe, looked out for and appreciated the integrity of the team, they really give all of themselves to the work that they do. Thank you to Maestro José for all of the support, protection and care, for your safe grandfather-like energy. Thank you to Maestro Daniel and Maestra Priscila - the icaros were incredible, the deep healing that they brought me is unmatched.

The retreat center was beautiful, remote, a lovely jungle haven. The cabins were very spacious and the food delicious. Especially loved the fruit and hot tea brought to my cabin in the early mornings - such a nice gesture after a night of ceremony. I am already looking forward to the next time I come back 🤍.

Thank you for an experience of a lifetime, Inward Travel

Diana - Peru

There are times in one’s life that are pivotal, for example: a rare moment where you sit and think: “wow! It is unreal how fortunate I am. I’ve been blessed with all attributes necessary to live my best life ”. These types of moments can provide us with direction, a stronger sense of self and an understanding of where we fit into this vast, confusing universe which we are all a part. Inward Travel provides these moments.

The journey into the Amazon Basin with the Inward Travel team was one that will never be forgotten. This trip was so much more than beautiful sights, sounds, people and places, delicious healthy food and comfortable lodging (all reasons why we travel): this trip was the connection, the bridge into the great unknown realm of spirit and space, earth and soul. To feel so comfortable and at peace in a land as foreign as the mighty Amazon Jungle was something I never expected. My connection and relationship with Gaia became crystal clear at Refugio Altiplano; this lifelong relationship will never be taken for granted, not a day will go by without feeling a blissful sense of gratitude for being here, on his planet, conscious and aware.

Thank you Inward Travel, you changed my life

Benjamin - Peru

I am so grateful for the referral that helped me find Inward Travel. After everything I experienced, I wouldn't want to go with anyone else.

Curtis and Chyene spent so much time with me before the trip answering any questions I had about ayahuasca. They put together a beautiful dieta to follow so we could better pepare our bodies for plant medicine. We all met as a group discussing how to formulate good intentions for each ceremony via face time. They even help me prepare for my first solo international trip. It felt like I already knew everyone before I even got there.

While we were there, Curtis and Chyenne helped the group with the language barrier and were simply amazing guides.

I truly couldn't be more grateful that my first ayahuasca experience was seated right in the heart of where the plant is derived and facilitated by Shipibo Shamans, who keep the tradition entact.

I felt safe and beautifully guided to do the soul work I desperately needed to do.

KaSarah - Peru