Our Evolution

Inward Travel has evolved from the roots of Free & Easy Traveler, a travel company that was started by our co-founder, Curtis Smith, in the year 2000. Following a series of psilocybin mushroom experiences, at age 21, Curtis had the inspiration to start Free & Easy. The initial group trips were 30 - 40 days long and the intention was to truly have the time in life to slow down, experience other cultures, visit magnificent destinations, and be immersed in a new community of friends, to learn more about ourselves and the world.

The trips were life-changing, and the company grew to offer trips in 20 countries around the world. For more than 20 years Curtis led this company’s operations and growth from 1 person to a staff of more than 75 people.

Throughout Curtis’ 25-year journey with travel, psychedelics and plant medicine continued to provide many of the most significant life experiences, and have helped shape Curtis’ path, as well as his connection to nature, to others, and to himself.

Following the enormous disruption to the travel industry in 2020, Curtis had the chance to step back from the busyness of life and sit with Ayahuasca again. He was graced with a transformative vision: to pioneer a new era of group travel. It had come time for an enormous evolution of ‘Free & Easy Traveler', and to write a new chapter that fused a passion for travel with the immense benefits of psychedelics. This culminated in the inception of Inward Travel.

By leveraging the established foundation of Free & Easy Traveler, including our team, network, and efficient backend software that we developed over 20 years, Inward Travel is able to provide a seamless and enjoyable client experience. We also provide meticulously planned trips with 15 years of experience in the region and a wide network through Latin America.

Our unwavering dedication to healing, respect for diverse cultures, and deep connection to nature enable us to guide clients on transformative journeys. As on all Free & Easy trips of the past, our groups become like family, and we intend to keep this spirit with Inward Travel journeys; to witness each other, support each other, and grow together.